Get to Know Helene Mathieu Legal Consultants

helene mathieu

There’s no question that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers young attorneys unique opportunities to begin and flourish in a career. Helene Mathieu saw the UAE emerge as a business-friendly environment very early on in her legal career. When she came to the UAE in 1994, she had no idea where Dubai was on the map. She was convinced to go there by a friend who offered her a six month contract to see whether or not she would like it.

Several years later, Helene Mathieu opened her own law firm, Helene Mathieu Legal Consultants, because of her love for Dubai as well as the many opportunities that were presented to her to expand her legal services. Today, Helene Mathieu Legal Consultants delivers corporate and individual services with distinction. The firm is committed to the pursuit of excellence based on its policy of straightforward communication and exclusive client care.

Helene Mathieu understands that young attorneys may have a misunderstanding or unclear idea of what it is like to offer legal services in the UAE. In order to clear these issues up, Helene Mathieu Legal Consultants agreed to have Helene be interviewed to help young attorneys understand what it’s like to work in the UAE. While we encourage you to watch the video for yourself here, we wanted to take a second and talk about some of her finer points.

Have an Open Mind: Helene Mathieu says that the UAE has a multi-cultural environment, and there may be some unique challenges that young attorneys will need to consider as they work with other lawyers in the area. Helene Mathieu says that young lawyers should be open to learning from others in order to succeed in the region. She encourages anyone considering working in the UAE to be curious about everything.

You’re Part of Something in the Making: Another thing Helene Mathieu says you should keep in mind is that Dubai and the UAE are growing, and there are so many different projects that are just getting off the ground. In addition to maintaining an open mind, you should follow your entrepreneurial spirit to find where you fit in the UAE’s development. For those who are willing to look, they will discover they will find many ways to contribute and be successful in the own right.